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Studio Rental Services in North Lauderdale, FL

Services Offered

Portraits & Headshots

Capture your best self with our professional portrait and headshot photography services.

Family Photography

Preserve cherished family moments with beautifully crafted family pictures.

Holiday Specials

Celebrate the holidays with special photoshoots that capture the joy of the season.

Business Photography

Enhance your business image with professional photography for branding and marketing.

Customized Studio Sets

We offer customizable studio sets to bring your creative visions to life.

Lifestyle Photography

Showcase your unique lifestyle with creative photography.

Product Photography

Highlight your products with stunning product photography.

Studio Photography

Capture your ideas in our fully-equipped studio.

Event Photography

Specializing in event photography, including weddings, concerts, and parties.

Traditional Portraits

Timeless traditional portraits that capture your essence.

Social Media Photography

Elevate your online presence with captivating social media photography

Landscape Photography

Explore various settings with our landscape photography services.

School Photography

Capture school memories that last a lifetime.

Photographer Studio Rental

Photographers in North Lauderdale, FL, can rent our fully-equipped studio at QVP Multimedia. All photographers are welcome to rent our studio, which offers exclusive access for a flat monthly fee. QVP Studio is fully equipped, ensuring all your photography needs are met - all you need is yourself, your camera, and your client. If you currently don't have a camera, inquire about our equipment rental policy!

Book our studio for your next photography session in North Lauderdale, FL. Contact us at or call 954-579-4546 today.

Client Testimonials


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About North Lauderdale

North Lauderdale, Florida, offers a vibrant backdrop for your creative endeavours and video production needs. Here's a glimpse of what makes this city an ideal location for your next project:

1. Scenic Beauty

North Lauderdale boasts scenic beauty with its lush parks, serene lakes, and picturesque landscapes. The natural surroundings provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor shoots and scenic videography.

2. Accessibility

Located in the heart of Broward County, North Lauderdale enjoys excellent accessibility. It's situated close to major highways, making it convenient for your crew and equipment transportation.

The city offers diverse filming 

The city offers diverse filming locations, from urban settings to suburban neighbourhoods and parks. Whether you need an urban street scene or a tranquil outdoor setting, North Lauderdale has it all.

7. Friendly Climate

North Lauderdale welcomes filmmakers and production crews with open arms. The community is supportive of creative projects, and local authorities are experienced in facilitating film permits and logistics.

5. Nearby Amenities

North Lauderdale is well-equipped with amenities and services essential for successful productions. You'll find a range of dining options, accommodations, and businesses catering to the needs of filmmakers.

6. Cultural Diversity

The city's cultural diversity offers opportunities for authentic storytelling. Capture the richness of different cultures and experiences in your video productions.

7. Friendly Climate:

South Florida enjoys a subtropical climate, providing sunny and comfortable conditions for outdoor shoots year-round.

8. Creative Community:

North Lauderdale is part of the larger South Florida creative community, which includes film festivals, industry events, and networking opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

9. Safety and Security

North Lauderdale is known for its commitment to safety and security. You can focus on your creative work with peace of mind.

Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker or a newcomer to the industry, North Lauderdale offers a welcoming and accommodating environment for your video production projects. Its combination of natural beauty, accessibility, diverse locations, and a supportive community make it an ideal choice for bringing your creative vision to life.

Explore the possibilities that North Lauderdale has to offer and consider it as your next destination for video production excellence.

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