About Video Production 

  Producer &  Director:   Guy Phillipi

There are three main processes for putting a video together: pre-production, filming, and editing.

Pre-Production – plan, plan, plan!

Pre-production is when ideas are brought together into a cohesive plan and the goals and objectives of your video are established. Think about your target audience, your budget and the message your video needs to convey.

Planning is of paramount importance – the more time you spend on planning, the more smoothly your filming will go and the better your final video will be. Consider what sort of set you need to use. If you are filming in a studio, do you need a green or blue screen behind the presenter (blonde hair = blue screen)? Think about what, if any, make-up will be required and whether any props are needed. How much filming time is needed?

Next, your video needs to be scripted or storyboarded. This involves putting together the list of shots that will be required – the key elements that will make up your video.

From this, you will be able to develop your final script or storyboard. Your script will not only guide the filming team, but also gives the editing team an excellent guide to work from and provide the basis for any additional voiceover work.

Lighting is hugely important. You might be surprised at just how much light is needed for even the most basic of videos.

Time is needed to light the foreground, background and the subject. Shadows can appear from nowhere and it can be difficult to work out where they are coming from so don't be rushed. Time taken at this stage will reduce any work needed after the video has been shot.

Think about audio – make sure you are using the correct microphones and the sound you need is getting picked up. Use headphones plugged into the cameras to test the audio.

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