- First Month Of Service Included -


These websites are the next step up. They usually have little functionality, but many pages of content and a large viewing audience. It is important for this type of website to have strong security to ward off malicious activity aimed at influencing the large audience that views the website. It is also important that the website host is strong enough and capable of handling the large influx of web traffic that can come from a viral blog or a highly shared article.


- Security Checks - SSL - SEO - LINKS- DOMAIN & MORE (Once A Month) 

- Picture Edits Changes (Original Content From QVP OR BUSINESS) 8 Per month 

- Video Changes (Original Content From QVP OR BUSINESS) 5 Per Month 

- Writing Or Information Changes For Any Page  -(Must Supply Professional Writing)  3 Per Month 

-1 Design Adjustment Per Month 


Website Maintenance (Intermediate Service)

$120.00 Regular Price
$110.00Sale Price
  • This is our basic package to try and earn your business for a Month to Month Service. You will get one month of service for your company by QVP (Valid for three months from purchase). If you like our services we will get a contractual agreement with you and put your company on a month to month at our discounted rate. If you chose to not continue services after one month there is no contract to continue. This one monthly price is none negotiable | nonrefundable and is a one time permotion from QVP.