QVP Multimedia will develop a full interactive web system.  This will include interactive design and layout via template. Additional pictures, video and content writing provided by QVP Multimedia will result to addition charges.


Phase One – Layout and Collection of materials from Client:

  • Laying out the graphics and navigation for the website look and feel.
  • Client is responsible to make available any information, text, videos and photos. (All Digital copies.)
  • All web page content must be provided by the Client in a usable digital format (Word, Rich Text Format, Excel, CSV, or laid out nicely in an Email message), with a clear indication of where it should be placed on the site/page. Content should be in final format when sent. Content may be sent as attachments to email (preferred), cloud base  or on CD/USB.
  • If the Client does not have or know what information they want to put on their website then QVP Multimedia Content Writers can help with the content at an additional charge.


Phase Two – Web Interactivity Development:

  • Finalize the web development process of the web system.
  • Once the development process is done, and the final payment made, we will provide you with the web system URL. There is a yearly $200 hosting fee to keep the website running with not interruption.


Time Frame:

  • The projected time is approximately 30 days to completion.


What comes with the Product:

  • Website design with up to 10 pages
  • QVP Controlled
  • See email campaign sent to you for any addition information



$1,275.00 Regular Price
$956.25Sale Price