Live Streaming


Why Use Live-Streaming for Marketing?


It Encourages Trust and Transparency

People prefer to buy from brands they trust. Customers generally associate trustworthiness with quality and excellent service. One way to build trust with your audience is by creating a live video to showcase company transparency.

A stellar example of using video to portray transparency is Patagonia and its “Footprint Chronicles" project. In this video series, they showcase each step of the supply chain process. If any part of the manufacturing process needs to or could improve, Patagonia openly admits to it directly and invites feedback and ideas from customers.

Your company can follow Patagonia’s example. Use live-streaming to show candid moments and processes, or other ways you can magnify your company’s transparency to audiences outside of your consumer base. When you share your stream on social media, your posts could earn positive comments or a lot of likes, both of which further the impression of a trustworthy brand.

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